SUDAN PEACE: "Protect them"

SUDAN PEACE: "Protect them"


Nine Prayers for the Referendum

January 1, 2011

GOD OF EXODUS, continue to deliver the people of South Sudan from the economic oppressors who steal their wealth. Now protect them from new economic exploiters and from their own impatience with the slow pace of becoming a new nation. Lord, give them strength and guidance for the new tasks of governing themselves, and for the continued challenges of poverty, disease and corruption. And especially help those who bear your name in Sudan to hear and accept your weighty call to be the conscience at the heart of a brand new nation centered on justice and compassion.


United Methodists offer their prayers -- and favorite photos from Sudan -- in the days leading to a Jan. 9 referendum which will decide if Sudan's southern region secedes from the north. Today's prayer is lifted by STEVE HODGES, a volunteer in mission who is living and working in Sudan with his wife Diantha.

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