SUDAN PEACE: "Vote without fear"

SUDAN PEACE: "Vote without fear"


Nine Prayers for the Referendum

January 5, 2011

PRECIOUS LORD: Too many children have been killed already. Too many women have been left to raise their children alone. Too many people are struggling to survive and rise out of poverty and death. Too many children yearn for peace and hope for the future.

In this hour when I live in freedom and peace, I pray for the people of Sudan that they might have freedom and peace.

In this hour, when the people of Southern Sudan vote for independence from the North, that they might live in peace and be able to freely practice their Christian faith, I pray for Your intercession that they might vote without fear of persecution.

In this hour, when there are those who might want to resort to old ways of aggression and murder, I pray that You, as the Prince of Peace, might work to instill a sense of honor for life.

In this hour, I pray for safety and strengthening of spirit of those missionaries who are answering Your call to “feed My lambs.”

In this hour, I pray that the eyes of the world might be on this region, so that no longer can torture, annihilation, and all evils of men be carried out in secret.

In this hour, I pray that the conscience of the world be focused on this region, and that we recognize we are our brother’s keeper.

For it is in Your Holy name I pray.




United Methodists offer their prayers -- and favorite photos from Sudan -- in the days leading to a Jan. 9 referendum which will decide if Sudan's southern region secedes from the north. Today's prayer is lifted by ART MASKER, CEO/president of Holston Home for Children and a member at Asbury United Methodist Church in Greeneville, Tenn. Masker has traveled to Sudan twice to help investigate a future Holston boarding home for orphans.

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