SUDAN PEACE: "Live out their Christian faith"

SUDAN PEACE: "Live out their Christian faith"


Nine Prayers for the Referendum

January 7, 2011

ALMIGHTY, PRECIOUS LORD, we thank you for your presence in Sudan and for the mighty works you have done there. We ask that you would protect the people from violence so that they may go to the polls without fear. We ask that the referendum go forward without corruption or dispute. And, we ask that the referendum will pass so that the people of Southern Sudan can live out their Christian faith and your name will be lifted up and glorified. Amen.



United Methodists offer their prayers -- and favorite photos from Sudan -- in the days leading to a Jan. 9 referendum which will decide if Sudan's southern region secedes from the north. Today's prayer is lifted by LIBBY DEARING, who has traveled to Sudan numerous times and is leading an effort to establish a boarding school for orphans. She lives in Chattanooga with her husband and Chattanooga District superintendent, the Rev. Fred Dearing.

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