SUDAN PEACE: "May love continually triumph"

SUDAN PEACE: "May love continually triumph"


Nine Prayers for the Referendum

January 8, 2011

On the eve of the referendum I pray for our Sudanese brothers and sisters to be given strength to stand firm in the face of uncertainty. May our faith be increased as we seek Your glory, peace and redemption.

My prayer is not for restoration, but that our friends may be redeemed into a new life, changed nation and transformed hope. May the referendum result in the holy transformation of a people and nation where tragedy and terror no longer triumph. May goodness and mercy shine through the darkness.

May the people of southern Sudan be no longer wayfaring strangers, but rather unified sojourners who have come out of a great tribulation. May the eyes of the entire world be opened to the evils that persist when we care not for our brothers and sisters. May the people of God be changed as Sudan is transformed.

God, I pray for a peaceful referendum. I pray for protection of all those You have called to work for your glory in Sudan. I pray for the provision of government leadership that will bring You glory. May love continually triumph tomorrow and in the days to come. Amen.


United Methodists offer their prayers -- and favorite photos from Sudan -- in the days leading to a Jan. 9 referendum which will decide if Sudan's southern region secedes from the north. Today's prayer is lifted by REV. BETH TIPTON, who was co-leader of the young adult mission team to Sudan in March 2009. She is director of the Wesley Foundation at University of Virginia College at Wise.

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