SUDAN PEACE: "Thank you for being present with South Sudan"

SUDAN PEACE: "Thank you for being present with South Sudan"


Nine Prayers for the Referendum

January 9, 2011

We live in a world that is full of injustice, greed, and immorality. Sometimes, we are selfish in our own desires, forgetting about our sisters and brothers in South Sudan where they live in fear everyday facing war, lack of food, and lack of common medical services or medicines. In the upcoming referendum, I pray that it will be a day where peace can finally come, a day where transformation will prevail, and a day where the evils of the past years of greed, war, and injustice will cease.

May You make South Sudan a place of peace and a refuge of hope for all those who have been displaced by war. Grant Your mercy as the people of South Sudan seek to live The Great Commandment, “To love You with all their heart, all their soul, and all their mind, and to love their neighbor as they love their self.” Thank You for being present with the people of South Sudan in such a time as this. Reveal Your Glory, in Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.



United Methodists offer their prayers -- and favorite photos from Sudan -- in the days leading to a Jan. 9 referendum which will decide if Sudan's southern region secedes from the north. Today's prayer is lifted by REV. DOUG JENNINGS, pastor at Romeo United Methodist Church, who traveled to Sudan in November 2009.

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