The Call: October 7, 2020 edition

The Call: October 7, 2020 edition

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First Black president

You're going to see a lot more of Donna Mosby in 2021.

On Sept. 26, she was elected first Black president of the Holston Conference United Methodist Women. Last year, she was elected to represent Holston as a delegate to General Conference. What are her plans? From The Call. Read story.

'Open letter' from Alcoa addresses church vote 

Holston Conference Secretary Rev. Terry Goodman weighs in on voting at Annual Conference: "A small contingent of laity is espousing the idea that each lay member is like a member of congress." From Holston Communications. Read letter.

Stories from front lines of coronavirus

 Teddy Brawner didn’t sound so good, but he wanted to tell anyone still skeptical that the coronavirus is serious business. The 65-year-old retiree and member of Gleason First United Methodist Church is one of 14 church members who caught the virus. From UM News. Read story.

European conferences still unable to meet 

Many annual conference gatherings in Europe were postponed until autumn due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, most will still be unable to meet in person. From UM News. Read story.

Pandemic-proof ways to say thank you

Pastor Appreciation Sunday, celebrated on the second Sunday in October, is a good time for United Methodists to thank clergy for the work they do year-round. This year, however, showing gratitude may need to look differently than past years. From United Methodist Communications. Read story.

3 ways to encourage giving during pandemic

Talking about giving may be uncomfortable for church leaders as effects from the COVID-19 pandemic continue. Every person’s reality is different. From Resource UMC. See story.

5 addictions the church must overcome

 Carey Nieuwhof predicts that growing churches will focus less on buildings and packed rooms and will adjust budgets and attitudes to fit a new reality. From Lewis Center for Church Leadership. Read article.

Voting while God is watching 

Does having churches as polling stations sway the ballot? A scholar who studies how social situations can influence attitudes believes where someone votes can subtly but significantly affect how they vote. From The Conversation and Ministry Matters. Read article.

  Photo of the Week  

Alexander Hamilton (Rev. Troy Forrester) drops by to promote a new sermon series happening this month at First United Methodist Church in Knoxville. "Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk" is based on the book by Eugene Cho and tackles the Christian perspective on opposing political views. See Forrester's Facebook video.

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Climate-Conscious Creation Care: Oct. 11
General Board of Global Ministries
#StillinMission, Oct. 8, Nov. 19
Holston's Church & Community Workers will share their work through Zoom meetings.

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