Chaplain Davenport: 'The relational God'

Chaplain Davenport: 'The relational God'

By Chaplain (1st Lt.) Ryan Davenport

FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. (June 15, 2016) -- The dictum states, “No man is an island.” This means we are relational beings, and we can only realize our full potentials in the midst of others.

God himself is a relational being as depicted in the holy trinity — as father (creator, sustainer and controller of the universe); as son (the redeemer of the world); and as the Holy Spirit (the love that binds the father and the son).

Don’t we often wonder if we are worthy enough to be accepted and loved by God? Who are we, that the Lord of all creation would love us as Psalm 8:4-5 would say, “What is mankind that you are mindful of him, mortal man that you care for him? For you have made him little less than the angels. And you have crowned him with glory and honor.”

We are so little and God is so large, so perfectly holy and just in all he does. We are endowed with so much goodness, and yet we are so capable of evil. 


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Chaplain Davenport is an ordained elder in the Holston Conference of the United Methoist Church in extension ministry as a U.S. army chaplain at Fort Leonard Wood.