Holston hits: Top 10 stories of 2013

Holston hits: Top 10 stories of 2013


The list of links receiving the top 10 highest number of "clicks" on Holston.org didn't include some of the biggest stories of the year.

For example, Holston Conference leaders and churches celebrated wildly when they exceeded a $1 million goal for Imagine No Malaria in June and when Grace Home for Children opened in South Sudan in September.  The articles and photos (including Brad Hyde's remarkable skydiving photo) were shared nationally at ImagineNoMalaria.org and through United Methodist News Service, even if they weren't in our own top 10. 

When Holston sent the first United Methodist chaplain out on the Appalachian Trail in April, the event didn't excite as many Holston readers as "Job Opportunities" does consistently each week. However, the news was roundly high-fived on Facebook, and it was the first Holston story ever to be picked up by the Associated Press and shared with secular media all over the world. 

"Sevierville spirit" didn't attract as many Holston readers as the articles about same-sex marriage, staff changes, appointments, and the loss of loved ones. Nonetheless, the story of Holston's fast-growing Hispanic congregation in Maryville District received widespread coverage on United Methodist News Service, United Methodist Reporter, and Good News Magazine.

In fact, this list of top 10 stories for 2013 tells its own story of what's important to the majority of Holston members -- and might provide some hope and clues about how to shape ministry and media coverage in 2014.

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1. Bishop Taylor affirms Council of Bishops statement on same-gender ceremony (Nov. 18)

2. Church members search for Johnson Co. man after disappearance (Feb. 18)

3. Bishop Taylor announces cabinet staff changes (June 7)

4. Lebanon congregation grieves loss of 30-year-old praise leader (Oct. 7)

5. Greeneville church hosts 3,300 to hear "Duck Dynasty" star (March 12)

6. Ten things you need to know about Annual Conference (June 7)

7. Ministerial Appointments fixed for 2013-2014 (June 21)

8. Commentary: Why did West View church close? (Jan. 15)

9. Remembering Sallee: Pastor behind Holston's two largest churches (May 2)

10. Come together: Responding to the government shutdown (Oct. 21)



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Annette Spence

Annette Spence is editor of The Call, the Holston Conference newsletter.

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