United Methodist Women: We really know how to give

United Methodist Women: We really know how to give

In 2007, over and above our mission giving amount of $413,000 plus, United Methodist Women of Holston Conference went the extra mile for the United Methodist Women of Yei, Sudan. We wanted to help them build a better life for the women, children, and youth of southern Sudan.

Many of the women are widows, and many children are orphans. The money raised by Holston's UMW will help them build a more promising future. When originally brought to our attention by the Sudan Action Team, the United Methodist Women of Yei had sent a handwritten proposal of everything they wanted to do and its cost. They want to do more than just fund projects. Here's what leader Edina Tumalu wrote to us:

We need income-generating programs. Our women have the strength to do something for themselves. Classes are needed for the United Methodist Women. We want to help preach the Gospel. I have the widows, orphans, and street boys. This pains me and I cannot arrest the situation. In my mind, and physically, I am burdened. Please help us keep the women busy in the church compound and at home. Please help us with the construction of a church. Our hearts are our temples, but we need a building. Thank you for accepting God’s call to come and listen, and to hear our stories, and to labor with us.

Holston women were up to the challenge. Last year we raised a total $62,751.53 to help Yei’s women achieve things they had only dreamed about.

United Methodist Women, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, grandmas all, recognize that God has given us many blessings, and because we are blessed, we want to share those blessings with others.

This year’s project is the Red Bird Missionary School; let’s pray we can help them in the same manner.

Teddy Stevens is president of the Holston Conference United Methodist Women. Visit the UMW's new Web site.