Water line breaks at Hiwassee College

Water line breaks at Hiwassee College

By Michael Thomason / The Advocate & Democrat

MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (March 9, 2015) -- Education has been a hard thing to come by in Monroe County in the past month. With unseasonably cold weather and one winter storm after another rolling through the area, students have spent more time at home than in a classroom.

Hiwassee College has been no different and with a break in a water line at the college’s water supply last Monday night, the school decided it couldn’t afford any more days off.

“A lot of our students depend on grants to help pay for their education,” Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs Amy Womac said. “And some of those grants are based on a certain amount of attendance and with spring break coming up, we had no more days to spare.”

With the help of Madisonville’s First United Methodist Church, the school was able to hold classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week. Both the church and the school are part of the Holston Conference and the match was an easy one.

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