In November 2016, the southeastern U.S. suffered from a series of wildfires in the midst of a long period of drought. Holston Conference counties in southwest Virginia, north Georgia, and east Tennessee were among the affected areas, including a deadly and historic fire in Gatlinburg and other parts of Sevier County beginning Nov. 28. 

Here are ongoing updates about the Holston United Methodist response:


Wildfire recovery: 4 new homes in progress (The Call, 7.7.17)


Grant allows more homes to be built after fires (WJHL, 6.26.16)

Fairview UMC part of rebuilding effort in Sevier Co. (TDT, 6.17.17)

Partners begin building homes for fire survivors (The Call, 5.5.17) 


Groundbreaking for first Gatlinburg home this week (The Call, 4.23.17)

$125,000 from wildfire donations goes to build homes (The Call, 3.20.17) 

Holston partners with ASP to build homes for fire survivors (ASP, 3.2.17) 

Hispanic pastors reach out to wildfire survivors (El Llamado, 2.7.17) 


Pastors dig in with gratitude, hard work after fires (The Call, 12.22.16)

Displaced immigrants face challenges following fires (WBIR, 12.20.16) 

Wildfire victim remembered for 1st UMC volunteer work (KNS, 12.16.16)


Evacuated from fire, couple finds pastor to marry them (The Call, 12.14.16)

Translators needed to help Gatlinburg fire survivors (The Call, 12.12.16) 

Five churches receive $40,000 to help fire survivors (The Call, 12.9.16)

$31,485 received for fire relief/ Special advertising planned (The Call, 12.6.16) 


Gatlinburg memories occupy a big part of our hearts (The Call, 12.5.16) 

New list of immediate needs/ Gatlinburg church survives (The Call, 12.3.16)

Morristown pastor: 'Don't do nothing. Pray and prepare' (The Call, 12.2.16) 

State Street meeting unique need for Gatlinburg families (WCYB, 12.1.16)

Help pours in while church leaders wait for fires to stop (The Call, 12.1.16)


Bishop Taylor: 'We have a connection that's open and working' (The Call, 11.30.16)

Holston checks for fire-damaged churches, explains how to help (The Call, 11.29.16)

Churches have close calls with wildfire, share opportunities (The Call, 11.22.16)