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Your 2 Cents

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Holston in the news: Last week, we linked to a story about young clergy in the Chattanooga Times Free Press. That link turned out to be the most popular of all in the Feb. 14 edition. In this week's Feb. 21 edition, we linked to a story on two Sudan volunteers in The (Maryville) Daily Times. So, it's clear that we want to share stories from other publications ... and it's clear that you like them! Let us know when you have something to share.

How do we look? The Communications Staff is investigating ways to enhance the appearance of The Call 2. Different browsers, different computers, different e-mail systems might cause this publication to appear different from the way we send it out. Please e-mail us if something appears "off" to you or if you have any comments about the design.

Wanted: More good writers. This week's "Reading List" features regular contributors to The Call -- all with newspaper experience. If you have background in journalism -- or if you're a young person who's interested in news writing -- please e-mail the Editor.

Please respond to each of these requests by e-mailing Please put "Your 2 Cents" in the subject line.