Tops again: Holston ranks first in denomination for YSF giving

Tops again: Holston ranks first in denomination for YSF giving

For the third consecutive year, Holston Conference is first in the denomination in giving to the Youth Service Fund during 2009.

The Youth Ministries Office was recently informed of the accomplishment in an e-mail from Sarah Smith, grants administrator for the Division of Ministries with Young People.

"Despite it being less than previous years, Holston still managed to give the most money," Smith said. "To conclude December reports, Holston gave a total of $9,672. It was about $800 more than the next highest conference."

Palmer Cantler, president of the Conference Council on Youth Ministries (CCYM), said that Holston is a consistent leader in YSF giving because "Holston youth see the needs in their community and feel a responsibility to help out."

"Holston is a very connected conference and we use those connections ... to raise money for YSF," she said. "Holston members should be very proud of this accomplishment because it is foreshadowing what Holston will be like in the future. It thrills me to see youth donating their hard-earned money and living up to the example that the adults in Holston have set for us."

Laura Lambert, Holston associate director of connectional ministries, explained that Holston youth gave a YSF total of $38,135 in 2009, with $9,672 (30 percent) designated for the denominational YSF fund. The CCYM distributed $22,400 in grants to support youth ministries, retaining about $6,000 for in-conference events such as Junior and Senior High Assembly and Youth in Mission trips.

This year's grant winners:

  • New Life Tabernacle Center for All People, Wilson, N.C. - $2,350
  • Wilson Bruins Junior Football Team, Wilson, N.C. -  $2,3750
  • Kwandy African Social Services, Accra, Africa - $2,500


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