Youth group shows kindness to voters on election day

Youth group shows kindness to voters on election day

Youth from First Jefferson City UMC will hand out snacks to voters during peak voting hours.

JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. --  A youth group in Morristown District is using chips and drinks to show God's love at the conclusion of an election that often seemed to show anything but.

This afternoon from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., teens from First Jefferson City UMC will split up and meet outside of two election centers: Jefferson Elementary and Jefferson Middle School. They'll say "thanks for voting" and hand out Doritos and sodas, said the Rev. Natalie Justice, associate pastor.

"This is their way of showing the community they care," Justice said, "especially at a time when there has been so much conflict and turmoil."

"We want to show people that God's here," said Jacob Ault, age 14. "It doesn't matter who you're voting for, God loves you."

Justice said she got the idea for the evangelism outreach project as a staff member at Knoxville's Central UMC during the 2008 election. Central traditionally hosts an "Election Day Cafe," serving coffee and cookies to voters, she said.

"This is a little bit different than that, but I saw that as such a great ministry and wanted to incorporate that into this church. This is a great time for the church to show that no matter who you are, Democrat or Republican, we love you."

The chips and drinks will have stickers with information about the church, Justice added.


Annette Spence

Annette Spence is editor of The Call, the Holston Conference newspaper.