Conference Council on Youth Ministries

Conference Council on Youth Ministries


CCYM stands for Conference Council on Youth Ministries. You can see the statement of purpose for the Holston Conference Council on Youth Ministries below.


  • To understand and uphold the vision statement of the Holston Conference and make it a reality with God's help.
  • To represent the thoughts and views of youth in the conference and to ensure a place for youth as an active and vital part of the Holston Conference.
  • To plan events where all can come to know God and glorify Him through Christian fellowship.
  • To promote the advancement of youth leadership positions by listening to God’s call.
  • To uplift and empower youth, and the church, to meet the needs of the world.
  • To make adults aware of the needs of youth.
  • To provide a safe haven for youth everywhere.
  • To be a vessel through which youth are empowered to serve God in their church, community and world both collectively and individually.
  • To provide training and resources in order to equip local churches for youth ministry.

CCYM Covenant (download)

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