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Updated July 21, 2020.

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News & info

Here's the plan

On June 1, Bishop Taylor's task force released a plan for resuming in-person activities at Holston churches. The plan was updated June 23.

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In-person pause

As coronavirus cases surged in July, leaders again suspended in-person worship (in certain counties) to keep people safe. From The Call.

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Crisis ministry

Holston churches find safe ways to help their neighbors, jumping over hurdles presented by COVID-19. From The Call.

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Why are we losing?

Why has church attendance taken a nosedive? Carey Nieuwhof offers 7 tips for crafting a better future and reaching more people.

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Juggling act

Carey Nieuwhof and Scott Sauls discuss in-person worship precautions and digital engagement in a season of hybrid church. From ChurchPulse Weekly.

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Black churches

Black churches are reportedly lagging in the rush to go online. Reaching across generational lines could help. From Ministry Matters.

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Moving forward

As online worship becomes the norm, Mike Slaughter offers 7 tips for moving forward. From Ministry Matters.

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Sermon by phone

What if church members could simply call a phone number to hear a sermon recorded by the pastor? From North Georgia Conference.

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3 strategies

Perhaps the most promising vision for the new church doesn't just modify "normal" worship, but reimagines it digitally. From Lewis Center for Church Leadership.

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Finance & stewardship

Crucial safeguards

Maintaining a reserve fund and setting a realistic budget can help churches weather tough times. From Lewis Center for Church Leadership.

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Recurring gifts

How to weather the financial pandemic storm? Ask regular pledgers to give through online recurring gifts. From Lewis Center for Church Leadership.

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Got a surplus?

Five recommendations for churches experiencing a surplus in 2020. From Horizons Stewardship.

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More than just sharing

Effective communication aims at shared meaning and structured decision making. From Lewis Center for Church Leadership.

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Agreeing with Andy

More pastors are now agreeing with megachurch pastor Andy Stanley: No worship services until 2021. From Christianity Today.

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Hope and help

Pandemic response requires more than words of encouragement for those who are suffering. From Duke Divinity's Faith & Leadership.

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Trauma response

Holston Connectional Ministries offers a 3-part, free training in adverse childhood experiences. Begins July 30.

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Racism & coronavirus

Vacation Bible school programs address racism and the pandemic in a virtual setting. From UMC Discipleship Ministries.

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Conquering COVID-19

A free digital book offers basic info for children on virus and how to stay safe. From Holston parish nurse Joy Eastridge and artist Mary Beth Eastridge.

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Where are they?

7 things to know when your students aren't joining Zoom meetings. From YM360.

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3 friendly games

Three youth-ministry games that will work over Zoom as well as in person. From YM360.

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Holston youth unite

Blogs, ideas for online youth meetings, games, a weekly Wednesday Zoom meeting and more. A list offered by Laura McLean of Holston Youth Ministries.

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Spiritually dangerous

Here's why we shouldn't worship nostalgia and the golden calf of our pre-pandemic days. From Christianity Today.

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Coping w/ cancellation

When major life celebrations are altered by COVID-19, grief and loss are real. From United Methodist Communications.

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Anxiety and grief

As depression and anxiety spike, churches offer hope and mental-health resources. From Religion News Service.

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