The current Holston Conference delegation was elected in June 2019 by the Holston Annual Conference.

The delegation includes 6 lay members, 6 clergy, and 4 alternates (2 clergy, 2 lay).

The 16-member delegation was elected to represent Holston Conference May 5-15, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, the Commission on General Conference has postponed the global meeting to 2024

In order of election, current delegates are:

  • Emily Ballard (leader)
  • Rev. Kim Goddard (first elected clergy)
  • Del Holley
  • Rev. Wil Cantrell
  • Anne Travis
  • John Eldridge
  • Donna Mosby
  • Rev. Paul Seay
  • Rev. Mary Thompson
  • Rev. Randy Frye
  • Rev. Sharon Bowers
  • Becky Hall
  • Rev. Lauri Jo Cranford (alternate)
  • Amanda Onks (alternate)
  • Charles McEntyre (alternate)
  • Rev. Josh Kilbourne (alternate)

Church members are invited to share their questions and concerns with the delegation by writing to

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