August 13, 2019

August 13, 2019

August 13, 2019
Hebrews 11:17-28
by Mary Charles Blair
Chair Church Council of Ooltewah UMC
Hiwassee District

I encourage you to read the full scriptures suggested for today’s devotion. I will give a very brief summary of each and a correlation with the Epistle from Hebrews 11:17-28

Hebrews 11 gives a summary of the founders of our faith, this great cloud of witnesses, these good and faithful servants. But what were the times like that they were living in? What struggles were being faced on a daily basis?

Psalms 11 tells us that the wicked shoot from the shadows to destroy the foundations of the faith. But the Lord observes both the wicked and the upright. He hates (not my word, God’s word) the wicked but He loves the upright.

Isaiah 24:1-13 speaks of total and complete destruction of the earth because the people have defiled the earth; disobeyed and violated the laws and statutes of God and broken the everlasting covenant made after the great flood.

In Jeremiah 11:9-11 there is a conspiracy between Judah and Jerusalem to return to the sins of their fathers and refuse to listen to the Word of God.

Hummm, beginning to see a pattern?

Psalms 89:1-18 speaks of judgement, the earth trembling and quaking; consuming fire and smoke; clouds of darkness with bolts of lightning, thunder and hail. BUT there are those who the Lord finds faithful. They have kept ALL His laws. They are blameless and He has rescued them. He has dealt with them according to the cleanness of their hands.

2 Chronicles 34:22-33 Israel is warned that disaster and curses are going to be brought upon them because they had forsaken God; provoked His anger, because they had burned incense to other gods and His wrath because of all their hands had made. BUT because Judah’s hearts were responsive and they humbled themselves before God, the Lord would gather them and their eyes will not see the disaster.

Hebrews 11:17-28 speaks of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses. The world around them was in turmoil because the people broke the covenant God had made with them. They refused to obey His laws and statutes. They joined in conspiracy to return to the sins of their fathers. BUT these faithful Ancestors have set an example for us. Even in the most horrific, trying times let us remain faithful to our Lord and to every part of his Word and every statute His has set before us. His love is greater than we can ever imagine. He provides protection, even when we don’t realize that we are in danger. Disobedience brings destruction and disaster. Submission and obedience bring protection and favor. Let us learn these lessons from those who have gone before us.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, we come into Your presence giving our offering of praise. Your glory is above all the turmoil of this fallen world. Forgive us our transgressions of thought, word and deed. We are so blessed and thankful for your grace and protection. Help us to live our lives lead by your Holy Spirit directing every thought, word and deed. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray. AMEN