December 27, 2020

December 27, 2020

December 27, 2020
Ed Helton
Rising Fawn UMC
Scenic South District


As I wind down the year and reflect, I wonder why I should be giving praise to God in a time when so many lives were lost to such a devastating disease.  So many lives have been affected in such a negative way.  As of this writing, there have been over 13 million cases and 260 thousand deaths. Income has drastically reduced, and jobs have been lost.  Many in the United States (and the world) have uncertain futures.  I know we are to give Praise to God in all things but really? 

If we use only the indicators that I mention above, the negative, the praise for God is something that I might have a hard time doing.  However, what am I focusing on? Just the bad parts of this situation, or can I find the good that has come from this?  Every person’s case is different.  Those whose health has been significantly harmed Healthwise from this or who have lost a loved one from Covid may not be able to discern anything but the bad parts. If that is your case, my prayers are for you for physical and mental healing.

God has shown me that good can come from bad.   My 95-year-old dad became infected and was sent home under hospice care, and I was his caregiver for four and a half months. Unexpectedly, he did recover and was discharged from hospice.  You may think that this is the good that I speak of.  We are excited that dad recovered, but that was not the only good that came from this situation. What I experienced was much deeper.

I left home immediately after high school and never did return to live there.  After service, it was eventually college and a career that took me away.  Sure, I visited for family gatherings and holidays but really lost all ties of any depth to home and had no desire to reconnect.

Being a high school teacher and Covid shutting down Face-To-Face instruction, I was the logical choice to move back home care dad. Moving in meant that I was also quarantined. We were forced into a house together and forced to reconnect with each other. This ended up surprising both of us.  Our time together generated conversation and produced understanding day by day. Memories would return, and issues embraced. To get to the point, by the end of July, when I had to return to the classroom, I had come to know my dad much deeper, and I think he came to know a son that he didn’t think he had.

If I had a magic wand and could make the whole Covid situations go away as if it never happened, I would but I would be a lesser person if I did. God is Good and God does allow good to come from bad. I praise him in all things and especially in the good that He allowed for me to experience this year in such a difficult time.