July 1, 2019

July 1, 2019

July 1, 2019
1 John 2:7-10
by John Crabtree
Pastor of First Mountain City and Trade
Three Rivers District 

Ancient and New  

How can John say he is giving us a commandment that is both new and not-new?  This seeming paradox lies at the very heart of our ongoing experience of God.  Of how we strive every day to live out our faith in a world that seems to get more complex, more fragmented and more frustrating every day. 

The call to radical love of God and neighbor is not new.  How, then, do we find the grace and strength to go and do that again, and again and again?  I’m often drawn to the mountains for inspiration and renewal. Their permanence reminds me that while my troubles and trials may seem overwhelming they will pass.  When people are being hateful, the thought and sight of part of God’s creation doing its job glorifying its creator brings me comfort. Those ancient hills and trees have seen countless sunrises (and prayerfully will see countless more) but each and every morning the sun breaks through the darkness and mist and begins another day filled with new possibilities and hope.

This then is the resolution for John’s “paradox.”  The Triune God who has of old been faithful and loving, gives us daily a fresh breath of the Spirit, a new beginning brimming full of possibility and hope.  We don’t have to solve all the world’s problems, but we do have to accept this fresh gift of God and go out to love our brothers and sisters. So take heart.  God is faithful yesterday, today and tomorrow, and he will give us the strength we need to walk in the light.