May 12, 2022 Read Together

May 12, 2022 Read Together

May 12, 2022

Job 37

Oh, my mind is disturbed by this
    and is more troubled than usual.
Listen closely to the rumble of his voice,
    the roar issuing from his mouth.
He looses it under the whole sky,
    his lightning on earth’s edges.
After it, a voice roars;
    he thunders with a mighty voice,
    and no one can stop it
    when his voice is heard.
God roars with his wondrous voice;
    he does great things we can’t know.
He says to the snow, “Fall to earth,”
    and to the downpour of rain, “Be a mighty shower.”
He stamps the hand of every person
    so all can know his work.
The wild beast enters its lair,
    lies down in its den.
The storm comes from its chamber,
    the cold from the north wind.
10 By God’s breath ice forms;
    water’s expanse becomes solid.
11 He also fills clouds with moisture;
    his lightning scatters clouds.
12 He overturns the circling clouds;
    by his guidance they do their work,
    doing everything he commands over the entire earth.
13 Whether for punishment, for his world,
        or for kindness,
    God makes it all happen.

14 Hear this, Job;
    stop and ponder God’s mighty deeds.
15 Do you realize that when God commands them,
    his clouds produce lightning?
16 Do you understand the positioning of the clouds,
    the amazing deeds of one with perfect knowledge,
17 you whose clothes are hot
    when earth is calmed by the south wind?
18 Can you form the sky with him,
    hard like a mirror made of metal?
19 Tell us what we should say to him;
    we can’t present our case due to darkness.
20 Should someone inform him that I wish to speak,
    or would anyone say he wants to be devoured?

Divine splendor

21 For now, no one can look at the sun;
    it is bright in the sky;
        the wind has passed and cleared away the clouds.
22 From the north comes golden light,
    the awesome splendor of God.
23 As for the Almighty, we can’t find him—
    he is powerful and just, abundantly righteous—
    he won’t respond.
24 Therefore, people fear him;
    none of the wise can see him.

Job 38

The Lord answers from a whirlwind

Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind:
Who is this darkening counsel
    with words lacking knowledge?
Prepare yourself like a man;
    I will interrogate you, and you will respond to me.

The establishing of order

Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundations?
    Tell me if you know.
Who set its measurements? Surely you know.
    Who stretched a measuring tape on it?
On what were its footings sunk;
    who laid its cornerstone,
    while the morning stars sang in unison
        and all the divine beings shouted?
Who enclosed the Sea behind doors
    when it burst forth from the womb,
    when I made the clouds its garment,
        the dense clouds its wrap,
10     when I imposed my limit for it,
        put on a bar and doors
11     and said, “You may come this far, no farther;
        here your proud waves stop”?

12 In your lifetime have you commanded the morning,
        informed the dawn of its place
13     so it would take hold of earth by its edges
        and shake the wicked out of it?
14 Do you turn it over like clay for a seal,
        so it stands out like a colorful garment?
15 Light is withheld from the wicked,
    the uplifted arm broken.

The vast beyond

16 Have you gone to the sea’s sources,
    walked in the chamber of the deep?
17 Have death’s gates been revealed to you;
    can you see the gates of deep darkness?
18 Have you surveyed earth’s expanses?
    Tell me if you know everything about it.
19 Where’s the road to the place where light dwells;
        darkness, where’s it located?
20     Can you take it to its territory;
        do you know the paths to its house?
21 You know, for you were born then;
    you have lived such a long time!
22 Have you gone to snow’s storehouses,
        seen the storehouses of hail
23     that I have reserved for a time of distress,
        for a day of battle and war?
24 What is the way to the place where light is divided up;
        the east wind scattered over earth?

Meteorological facts

25 Who cut a channel for the downpours
        and a way for blasts of thunder
26     to bring water to uninhabited land,
        a desert with no human
27     to saturate dry wasteland
        and make grass sprout?
28 Has the rain a father
    who brought forth drops of dew?
29 From whose belly does ice come;
    who gave birth to heaven’s frost?
30 Water hardens like stone;
    the surface of the deep thickens.
31 Can you bind Pleiades’ chains
    or loosen the reins of Orion?
32 Can you guide the stars
at their proper times,
    lead the Bear with her cubs?
33 Do you know heaven’s laws,
    or can you impose its rule on earth?
34 Can you issue an order to the clouds
    so their abundant waters cover you?
35 Can you send lightning so that it goes
    and then says to you, “I’m here”?
36 Who put wisdom in remote places,
    or who gave understanding to a rooster?
37 Who is wise enough to count the clouds,
        and who can tilt heaven’s water containers
38     so that dust becomes mud
        and clods of dirt adhere?

Lion and raven

39 Can you hunt prey for the lion
    or fill the cravings of lion cubs?
40 They lie in their den,
    lie in ambush in their lair.
41 Who provides food for the raven
    when its young cry to God,
    move about without food?


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