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Rev. Ray Amos
Commentary: The state of evangelism in Holston Conference

  BRISTOL, Tenn. (July 9, 2019) -- In 1744, John Wesley was asked a series of questions on his expectations of preachers. His answers became known as the “12 Rules of a Helper.” Rule number 11 would become his charge to the Church. In it he says, “...

Teenager survives broken home through love of church

  BRISTOL, Va. (July 9, 2019) -- Nate Roark was sleeping in the same room when his father died from renal failure. "I woke up to hear him coughing his last few breaths," says Roark, who was 12 at the time.  Five years later, the 17-year-old survivor...

Michael Dolinger smiles moments after sharing his testimony.
His struggle made him who he is: 'God wastes nothing'

  HILLSVILLE, Va. (Oct. 25, 2018) -- Michael Dolinger was 24 years old and the father of a young son when he was charged with five felonies for selling marijuana. Before the sentencing, he asked permission to take his family to Disney World because ...