Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Plans

Things to Know Your 2023 Health Insurance Benefits

  • 2023 Open Enrollment is closed.
  • Employees who have a Qualifying Life Event are eligible to make changes to their insurance elections during the year. Otherwise, your benefits will remain in place until 12/31/2023.
  • Examples of Qualifying Life Events are marriage, divorce, new dependent, job change, spouse job change, dependent getting coverage elsewhere, eligible for Medicare, etc.
  • If you have a Qualifying Life Event, please complete this form and email it to
  • You may also log into your Employee Navigator account to request a Qualifying Life Event change; but, you will still need to complete the "New/Change/Term" Form and send it to
  • All of your resource documents are in Employee Navigator under the "Resource" tab - so check there first for your benefits guide, rate sheets, etc.

 Quick Start Links

Additional information about 2023 Plans 

All of your informational benefits resources are housed in Employee Navigator. Please log into your account anytime to:

  • Learn more about your benefits
  • Update your contact information
  • Update dependents' contact information
  • Request a Qualifying Life Event change

For 2023, the Board of Pensions has chosen to continue current benefit structures for Medical, Dental and Vision coverage through BlueCross and BlueShield of Tennessee and Pharmacy coverage through EpiphanyRX.

With the BCBS network, about 98% of providers are considered in-network and contract with BCBST. If you seek care in Tennessee, you will use Network P or S. If you seek care outside of Tennessee, you will automatically access the BlueCard PPO network.

From, you can log into BlueAccess, the secure portion of the BCBS website. BlueAccess is personalized to display the specifics of your plan such as: benefits, coverage, claims, account balances, cost and quality tools, health programs and more. You can also order additional ID cards, and search to see if providers and facilities are in your network.

To Register or Login into your EpiphanyRX online account go to: (Phone number is 844-820-3260)

From your Member Portal you will be able to: Cost Compare Drugs, view your Prescription Benefits, download your Member ID card, search for Pharmacies, download claim forms, view mail order prescriptions and much more.

NEW Benefit - TextCare

Holston Conference is offering a new service that is called TextCare. This began January 1st and is included with your Medical Enrollment. Once you are enrolled, your dependents are eligible to use this service regardless of if they are enrolled with you on your Holston Conference Medical Plan.

TextCare – text-based, 24/7 concierge platform (no app/download involved)

  • Save the number. Text a board-certified medical provider, 24/7. Response time is under 5 minutes.

TextCare assists with:

  • General care, preventative check-ins, personal wellbeing, and urgent care needs (aches, injuries, colds, sickness)
  • Pediatric wellbeing (2+ years old)
  • Managing a chronic condition (diabetes, hypertension) with provider follow-up
  • In-person care coordination (specialists, imaging, and prescriptions)
  • Ordering labs and reviewing results
  • Prescription drug orders or refill

Other Important 2023 Enrollment Dates

Medicare Open Enrollment: October 15th thru December 7th

Healthcare Marketplace: November 1st thru January 15th 

 Eligibility and Explanations

 The Holston Conference’s health plan is a self-insured plan that is administered through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee.  The pharamacy benefit is administered by Epiphany RX.

All appointed clergy who serve at least 3/4 time and all full-time lay employees (average 30 hours per week) and their spouses and dependents are eligible to participate in the health insurance plan. Every active clergy member under Episcopal appointment within the Holston Conference must be enrolled in the active clergy Health Insurance Plan, except where equivalent coverage is available under a spouse’s group plan and proof of other creditable group coverage is provided. For more information about eligibility, please see page 226 in the 2022 Conference Journal.

During Open Enrollment time, participants can change plan elections and previously ineligible/non-participating clergy and lay may enroll for the upcoming calendar year. Enrollment may take place during the plan year for those who are newly hired or who have lost other coverage through a qualifying event.

Review the information provided here, and if you have any questions, please contact Julie Graham by email or by calling 865-293-4136.

Medical Plans 

Both of our medical plans use the same network of providers. While most participants will use the “S” network of providers, participants in a few areas in Tennessee may choose the “P” network. If you are unsure if your doctor is in the “S” network, the best thing to do is to call them and ask. 

Co-Pay Plan

The co-pay plan is a "traditional" plan. When you visit the doctor, you pay a co-pay based on whether the doctor is a specialist or a general practitioner. In our plan, the co-pays are $30 for a primary care visit and $60 for an specialist visit.

High Deductible Health Plan/Health Savings Account (HDHP/HSA)

An HDHP/HSA plan features a lower monthly premium, higher deductibles, and potential tax savings.

Requires opening a Health Savings Account at either Health Equity or Interfaith Credit Union.  If you choose Health Equity, the conference benefits office will open the account for you. If you choose ICU, then you will need to set up your account with them and notify the conference benefits office of your account number.

The Holston Annual Conference contributes $600 for individual coverage or $1,200 for employee +1/family coverage to your Health Savings Account in January, and you may elect to have money deposited into the account from your paycheck. You will receive a payment card linked to your Health Savings Account that you will use when you incur medical expenses. These funds will remain yours to keep, if not spent.

Dental and Vision Plans

Dental benefits are included with the Medical plan.

Vision benefits are an "add on" benefit that costs $11 for an individual, $18 for employee plus one, and $27 for family coverage. 

To see the plan documents for our plans, please log into your Employee Navigator account.

Flexible Spending Accounts (aka PBS Benny card)

The Holston Conference offers pre-tax Flexible Spending Accounts to help cover medical expenses (MRA) and dependent care expenses (DCA).  These accounts are offered through Progressive Benefits Solutions (PBS) and follow strict IRS guidelines. 

The maximum you can contribute to a Medical FSA is $2,850 per year in 2023.  The maximum you can contribute to a Dependent Care FSA is $5,000 (see IRS guidelines based on your filing status). These deposits must be used annually and will not be returned to you if unused. You can contact PBS directly at

BCBST Information

Once you are enrolled in the Health Insurance Plan, you can log into Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee at, set up an online account. You can see your claims status, your annual deductible amounts, search for doctors, view detailed plan benefits, change your address and order new cards, and more.


 A Word From Your Benefits Administrator

I understand how confusing choosing your health insurance options can be. The alphabet soup of acronyms is enough to make your head spin! If you have any questions at all about benefits, please reach out to me by email or by phone at 865-293-4136.  - Julie Graham

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