Higher Education Scholarships

Higher Education Scholarships



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The Culvahouse Higher Education Scholarship was created by an anonymous donor in memory of James Dudley and Rachel Davis Culvahouse to provide scholarships in recognition of their core values of education and compassion. “Dud” was a Meigs County native who graduated from Milligan College in 1937 and was grateful that he had the opportunity to pursue higher education during the Depression years. He died in 1989. Rachel was born in Kemper County, Mississippi, in 1917, and graduated from Mississippi State College for Women in 1937. Rachel died in 2001. Dud and Rachel married in 1948 and moved to Meigs County where they were active members of the Decatur United Methodist Church, serving in many leadership positions. It is the Donor’s desire that the priority for annual distributions from this fund provide scholarships to a United Methodist student from Cleveland District, with priority given to Meigs County residents, and who is an undergraduate enrolled at or entering a Tennessee public institution of higher learning or a United Methodist-affiliated college or university, and who has chosen a major in, or intends to major in, education, social work, nursing or pre-law.


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Jack Greene had a dream about providing a helping hand to marginal students with limited means who have a desire and drive to pursue a degree to completion through one of the Holston Conference Colleges (Tennessee Wesleyan, Hiwassee or Emory & Henry). Back in 1996 he established his goal to raise $100,000 as a permanent source of funding to be called THE GRACE SCHOLARSHIP and called on the Holston Conference Foundation to assist. The name “Grace” was inspired by God’s response to Paul’s prayer request to remove the thorn from his side. The Lord answered his prayer by saying, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (II CORINTHIANS 12 7-9) Jack was born in Atlanta in 1931 as The Great Depression was ending. He has always been keenly aware of poverty and its effect on people’s lives. When he was still a preschooler his family moved to rural Alabama…no plumbing…no telephone…no paved roads. Due to an industrial expansion, his life was changed dramatically for the better. His family returned to Atlanta and he went on to benefit from an education at Georgia Tech. He moved to Kingsport and had a long and successful career at Tennessee Eastman. He joined First Broad Street United Methodist Church in 1956 after Pastor Ned Wiley knocked on his door. For the past 10 years or so Jack has spent every Monday making rounds collecting aluminum cans and scrap from trash cans and businesses and lots of friends and strangers he has rallied to participate in this dream. His wife, Sue Ann, referenced him and his close friend as Sanford & Son as they made their rounds. At year-end 2014, THE GRACE SCHOLARSHIP FUND achieved a milestone as the rolling three-year market value of the fund finally crossed the $100,000 value, which means the first scholarship in the amount of $3,500 has been set aside for the 2015 fall semester.




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Verna McLain is an active member of Church Street United Methodist Church, Knoxville, Tennessee. She was the last of eight children born to her parents in the small town of Elizabethton, Tennessee. There she was active as a youth singing in the choir at First Methodist Church and assisting the Director of Christian Education.

Verna knew she wanted to attend college, but had no idea how that would be financially possible. In an act of grace and generosity, a member of the Men’s Bible Class at the church approached her and offered her a small scholarship with the condition that she attend a Holston Conference College. She attended Hiwassee College, where she waited tables, assisted one of her professors and babysat faculty children to supplement her scholarship. She thrived at Hiwassee where she was editor of the college newspaper, sang in the choir, and participated with outreach teams serving small churches in the Conference.

After Hiwassee, she received another scholarship to attend Emory & Henry College. She thrived there, as well, as editor of the newspaper, assisted with the yearbook, and was active in many activities. After graduation she went to Brazil for three years, where she taught school under the auspices of the Board of Global Ministries. When she returned home to the United States, she earned her MSW in Social Work at the University of Tennessee.

Verna has been a Social Worker since 1960 and has worked in various aspects of the field including adoptions, foster care, dialysis, and psychiatric. Through her role as a social worker, Verna has consistently been able to show the love of Christ to her patients, clients, and their families.

When Verna’s first husband died in 2000, she realized that due to hard work they had accumulated sufficient assets to allow her to consider helping young people in need to achieve their life goals. The small Bible class in Elizabethton was there for her, and it is her prayer that this fund will make a lasting impact by inspiring and assisting young people to attend Hiwassee College and Emory & Henry College. This scholarship will be awarded to students attending Hiwassee College and Emory & Henry College. Priority will be given to students affiliated with a United Methodist Church within the bounds of Holston Conference.  

The Holston Conference Grants Committee will make the final selection and notify the recipient. The scholarship award will be made directly to the Financial Aid Department of the college by early September.



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Margaret Grizzell Loving of Bristol, Tennessee, died in 1995 and established this Trust with the Holston Conference Foundation as a permanent fund to support scholarships for deserving students in the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Foundation’s Grant Committee oversees the stewardship and distribution of funds from the Loving Trust. Scholarship funds from the Loving Trust are divided annually between Emory & Henry College, Hiwassee College, and Tennessee Wesleyan College for deserving students based on qualifications, abilities, and financial need. The Foundation will make these awards each year based upon the amount of funds available and the individuals selected as scholarship recipients. Priority should be given to students affiliated with a United Methodist Church in the Holston Annual Conference. Mrs. Loving’s generosity and concern for students has set a marvelous example of Christian philanthropy, which will benefit others in perpetuity. Students selected to receive Loving Scholarships from the Holston Conference are encouraged to write a note of appreciation to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.



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Edith loved culture, art, poetry, and many of the finer things in life, but she never forgot her roots and upbringing in Tennessee. She graduated from Hiwassee College in 1933. She taught school for a few years before taking a position as the assistant to Program Director at the Knoxville YMCA. As World War II began, she worked with the YMCA’s USO and Red Cross program providing social programs and activities for service men and women on leave near their bases. In her will she created scholarships at Whittenburg College, West Point, and one in the Holston Conference Foundation that will benefit United Methodists students at Hiwassee College, as long as it remains in operation and is affiliated with the church. Should Hiwassee close, the scholarship would benefit other United Methodist students who reside in East Tennessee. Edith continued like the Energizer bunny through an active lifestyle with family and friends before her own passing in 2007. She was ‘til the end a lady! Although Edith never had children of her own, she is survived by numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, stepchildren, and step grandchildren who she loved and who loved her. Nieces, Carolyn Chrisman and Karen Graves, served as co-executors of her estate and helped to follow through on her final wishes to help young people receive an education as part of her lasting legacy.


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The Sandra G. Slater Endowed Scholarship was started by her sister, Stephanie Slater, Knoxville, Tennessee. Stephanie wanted to recognize Sandra’s passion and commitment to others through her life-long vocation as an educator and through her dedicated volunteer work with Mt. Hermon United Methodist Church in Powell, Tennessee. 

This scholarship is established with the Holston Conference Foundation as a permanent endowment fund to provide monies for college bound youth. She was proud to be an educator for 36 years and cared deeply for the many students she encountered over the years. It brought her a great sense of accomplishment to see the young people she taught become productive and successful. Upon retiring, she moved to Tennessee, she became an active member of the Mt. Hermon United Methodist Church in Powell, where she was a lay speaker and worked diligently in a food ministry. Sandra died in May 2008 after a courageous battle against leukemia.

It is the Donor’s desire that the priority for annual distributions from this fund provide scholarships to applicants from the following categories, which will have preference over other applicants: 

  • Attendees of Mt. Hermon United Methodist Church in Powell, Tennessee, or Christ United Methodist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee who have been accepted to a regionally accredited institution of higher education; or
  • Monroe County, Tennessee youths who have been accepted to a regionally accredited institution of higher education or current Hiwassee College students; or
  • Applicants graduating from a high school located in Mingo County, West Virginia who have been accepted to a regionally accredited institution of higher education.

The Foundation’s Grant Committee will honor the selection process outlined above by the Donor. If for any reason the awards are not made in a given year, the non-awarded amount will be retained to the endowment to enhance future distributions.




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James and Doris Sink, retired teachers, have been blessed and have established this scholarship in memory of Doris’ father, Raymond F. Stowers, to encourage and support young people in quest of a higher education. The Sinks created this scholarship out of a deep appreciation for education and love of their church, community, and family. It is their desire that the students who receive aid from this fund know that they have been blessed by people of faith and that someday they, too, may have their own opportunity to be a blessing to others. Raymond F. Stowers was born March 17, 1915, and passed away on March 25, 2001. He attended Concord College and University of Virginia, but did not complete his degree. He and Ora Gray married in 1944. He was quite a successful cattle farmer and also had a keen eye for land speculation. While not a college graduate, he was deeply committed to quality education and served on the Bland County School Board for 24 years never missing a meeting. Doris was their only child and they saw to her proper upbringing and education. Mr. & Mrs. Stowers were very active members of Rocky Gap United Methodist Church, where he served on the Trustees Committee and she was the long-time treasurer. They blessed Doris and James with generosity and love and even provided a substantial gift to their church through their own estate. The Sinks never had children of their own, but hope this scholarship will leave a legacy of learning that will make a lasting difference for generations to come. It is the Donors’ desire that the priority for annual distributions from this fund provide scholarships to United Methodist students going into ministry with priority given to students from the Tazewell District of Virginia with secondary consideration for students from other areas of Virginia within in the Holston Conference and finally other areas of the conference outside Virginia. If an undergraduate student is selected, the Donors prefer that it be for a student who is enrolled and in good standing or approved to attend Emory & Henry College. If a seminary student is selected, it may be for any seminary approved by Holston Conference.