Jubilee Project

Jubilee Project

In the name of Jesus Christ, helping the people of Hancock County meet their spiritual, economic, social, and physical needs.

Jubilee Project, Inc.

Jubilee Project envisions a world where everyone has enough, where those who have more share with glad and generous hearts, and where those who have less find relief from oppression and hope for the future.


Jubilee Project's core values are food security, shelter, access to clean water, health, self-worth, and love.

Please, consider supporting our mission.


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A United Methodist mission project:                                                                        National Advance #781350                                                                                     
Holston Conference Advance #3500-301-56



For more information on our vital ministry call 423-733-4195 or email jubileeprojectsneedville@gmail.com


 Jubilee Project is thankful to have so many dedicated mission partners, without whom our work could not continue. Like many non-profits, we are experiencing some financial hardships. Please prayerfully consider becoming one of Jubilee's mission partners, or renewing your commitment to our work in East Tennessee. Please click here to visit our needs page to learn how you can help Jubilee Project.

 To contact one of us by email just click on a name below and email us directly.

Lisa Nichols, Executive Director
Heidi R. Taylor, Office Manager
Outreach Coordinator  Monte Emerson