The Dream of Multicultural Ministries in Holston

The Holston Conference is diverse in many ways, including in our racial and ethnic diversity. As we seek to build diverse and inclusive faith communities reflective of that diversity, we must honor the richness and traditions that each group brings. Multicultural Ministries will help our annual conference and its congregations to achieve full, equal participation of racial and ethnic minority constituencies in the total life and mission of the Church. 

We will strive to accomplish this through advocacy, developing leaders, engaging young people, and creating new faith expressions so that all people and communities can flourish. Multicultural Ministries will collaborate with and foster the initiatives of various ethnic caucuses of The United Methodist Church. We will collaborate with these caucuses and other groups in workingto advocate for issues within and outside of the Church that affect them and to increase their representation within Church leadership. These caucuses include:

The work of Multicultural Ministries is central to who we are as a United Methodist faith community. Whether you're just beginning this journey, or you've been on the path for many years, we hope you will find useful ideas and tools to help you do, or continue to do, the intentional work within your community of anti-racism, anti-oppression, and multicultural ministries. 

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