The population of older adults – those age 50 or older – continues to grow.  As these numbers grow, we continue to explore ways to engage this group in ministry in our local churches and districts.  The Holston Conference Older Adult Ministries welcomes persons who are seeking information on how to organize for program and work with persons aged 55 and older in their congregations and communities.  Likewise, t is important that we seek more interesting methods of reaching those who are becoming home-bound. What joyous times are ahead of us as we grow in our willingness to provide innovative ways to provide opportunities for our people to know God better and to serve God to their fullest.


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Join us as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Jubilation in 2022! We celebrate God, our Creator, who calls us to rejoice each new day! We celebrate God’s faithfulness no matter what we experience in life! We celebrate the gifts of those who have blessed us over the past twenty years!  
We celebrate the presence of each person that will enrich our time together in 2022!

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The Rev. Walter Willis now lives near the church where he served in Holston Conference's first cross-racial appointment in the 1970s.
Oak Ridge retiree remembers a lifetime of crossing racial bridges

 Justice Profiles: This is the fourth story in a series.    OAK RIDGE, Tenn. – The Rev. Walter Willis is nine years older than civil-rights leader John Lewis. Willis celebrated his 89th birthday on August 3. Lewis died at age 80 on July 17. Willis...

Nancy Lester (right) delivers cupcakes to Lynda and Lewis Wexler, members at Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church.
Special delivery for seniors: Cupcakes convey 'love and care'

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. -- Every July for the last 15 years, Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church has put on a fancy dinner for members ages 75 years and older. The pandemic prevented the dinner from happening this year, since the risk for severe ...

The Rev. Jerry Russell leads devotions for youth and young adults helping to launch the first Resurrection in Costa Rica in October 2019.
In tense times, Russell works harder to develop young leaders

En español Jan. 16, 2020 Last year, the Rev. Jerry Russell decided he no longer wanted to be a General Conference delegate. He has been elected many times to represent Holston Conference and to make decisions, along with other leaders, for The ...

jubilation bingo prizes.jpg
At Jubilation, older adults keep moving and improving

ALCOA, Tenn. (March 21, 2018) --  There are a lot of reasons why people look forward to Jubilation, Holston Conference’s annual event for older adults. In addition to the workshops, speakers, meals and friendship time, Jim Dodson likes the simple ...

Jackie Cecil
At 90, Jackie Cecil still leads her church into ministry

En espanol TAZEWELL, Va. (March 24, 2016) -- There are 12 people in worship at Wilbur Memorial United Methodist Church on this chilly morning, including the preacher, her family and two guests. There is no choir or organ music. The worshipers stand ...