Our Staff

Our Staff

Lisa Nichols is a Deaconess serving as Church and Community Worker missionary with Global Ministries.  She began her service as Executive Director of Jubilee Project in July 2019.  Her email is jubileedirector@gmail.com

Heidi Taylor has served as Office Manager/Bookkeeper of Jubilee for 13 years. She coordinates the food ministry, Women's Ministry, and Senior Worker program as well as communications for Jubilee. Her email is jubileeprojectsneedville@gmail.com

TBA youth and mission team coordinator. They will make plans and lead weekly youth group meetings and trips, and schedules Mission Teams and home repair work.  Their email address is jubileedirector@gmail.com

Or  jubileeprojectsneedville@gmail.com


Shirley Hartley

Shirley has worked with the SCSEP program for 1 year. She works with the Bread of Life food program and assists in the kitchen with youth and women's ministries.