Partners in Crisis

Partners in Crisis

Partners in Crisis is a supportive community offering hope to spouses of clergy during marital separation, divorce and other crises. Its primary purpose is to provide friendship, love and emergency resources. These may include:

1. Connection with a person who can provide support, confidentiality and information to meet immediate and ongoing needs.

2. Assistance with temporary housing for the spouse and his or her children.

3. Names of attorneys willing to give free emergency counsel on legal matters and laws of various states/counties [within the Holston Conference].

4. Names of financial advisors willing to offer free emergency counsel and guidance.

5. Limited, immediate, short-term financial assistance through Partners in Crisis , based on availability of funds.

6. Names and telephone numbers of current district superintendents and the director of the Holston Conference Center for Wellbeing, who can support/advise the spouse during the crisis and subsequent healing process.

An integral part of the purpose of Partners in Crisis is confidentiality. Group discussions of a specific crisis is outside the parameters of regular meetings of the facilitators, thus assuring the spouse that her/his situation never becomes part of the business discussion.

Partners in Crisis is bound by faith in Jesus Christ and fellowship in the connectional church. It is committed to providing a safety net of prayerful, compassionate support, while avoiding blame and judgment.