A Prayer for Ukraine | Bishop Wallace-Padgett

A Prayer for Ukraine | Bishop Wallace-Padgett

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”                               -Matthew 5:9

O God,

We come before You today with heavy and troubled hearts about what is unfolding in Eastern Europe. The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia boggles our minds and grieves our hearts.

We pray for reconciliation in the face of the war and violence. We ask for You to move among leaders and influencers in that region and around the world to bring peace.

We pray for the people of Ukraine in this moment. We especially ask for their protection, guidance, strength and hope as they deal with the death, fear and destruction that comes with war.

We pray for insight and safety for my friend and colleague Bishop Eduard Khegay who serves both Russia and Ukraine. Use him as an instrument of your peace in this difficult situation. Loving God, we lift up, to You, all clergy, laity and congregations in the UMC as well as other faith traditions in Ukraine and Russia.

Show us what we can do to further peace in this and other circumstances.  In the meantime, we pray.

God, have mercy on us all.

In the name of Jesus, we offer this prayer.  Amen.


Debra Wallace-Padgett

The Reverend Dr. Debra Wallace-Padgett was elected a Bishop of the United Methodist Church at the 2012 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference. At the time of her election, she was the lead pastor of St. Luke United Methodist Church in Lexington, ...