Blog: Remember this next Christmas! 'Lasagna angels'

Blog: Remember this next Christmas! 'Lasagna angels'

On Christmas day, the Rev. Asa Hendrickson Majors posted this photo on her Facebook page. She is associate pastor at First United Methodist Church in Morristown, Tennessee. Here’s what she said:

Just wanted to share this beauty. This is an act of great love from one of our families at church. We aren’t the only ones to receive this lasagna, but I am so grateful when it shows up.

Advent at a larger church is amazing and exhausting. Christmas day is my day to rest and having this ready to just throw in the oven makes the day that much more rest-filled. So thanks, Lasagna Angels!

So when you’re working on your 2020 calendar, be sure to write this down as a Christmas gift idea on the December page: “Make lasagna for preacher?”

We also noticed that inviting your pastor over for a home-cooked Christmas meal — as well as delivering homemade cakes and fudge — were among the class acts mentioned in this recent story from The Call. See 14 pastors reveal: ‘My favorite Christmas gift’

Lasagna angels, send your lasagna recipes to share! Write


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