Brenda Carroll: Rather than divisiveness, we pass the peace

Brenda Carroll: Rather than divisiveness, we pass the peace

"Jesus spoke peace. He breathed peace."

In John’s Gospel account of post-resurrection appearances, Jesus’ greeting was, “Peace be with you.” Into the room where hearts and minds were grieving, confused, disoriented, numbed by circumstances, afraid of threats out there in the world, Jesus spoke Peace. He breathed Peace.

I do believe the Risen Christ enters our spaces the same way! In these frightening and tough days, in these polarized and malicious times, I receive the same gift from the same source. “Peace be with you!” That gift abides with me.
As I understand the Christ, what I have received, I now give away. “The Peace of Christ be with you.” If I breathe that blessing for each person, each group, each space I enter ... I become a peacemaker. Conversations change. Behaviors change. Hearts change.

Blessed are the peacemakers! Airwaves and news feeds are full of hate speech. May the Peace of Christ enter and breathe a new and right Spirit. Until at the Kingdom banquet, rather than divisiveness, we pass the Peace.


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Brenda Carroll

The Rev. Brenda Carroll is a former Holston Conference district superintendent, now retired and living in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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