Is There Room For Me? | Invitation Team

Is There Room For Me? | Invitation Team

January 24, 2022

“Will there be room for me?”  It’s a common question that many United Methodists are asking across the theological spectrum. It’s a question not unlike another that was asked about two thousand years ago. Mary and Joseph had arrived in Bethlehem in accordance with the guidelines of Caesar's census. “Will there be room for us?” Bethlehem was very crowded, and their journey had been long. Imagine Joseph frantically searching from house to house for a room in which Mary could find some rest. The inn was full. The only place available for Mary to rest and give birth to Jesus was a stable—a simple structure without a bed or crib—just a manger to hold the infant Savior.

Making room for others isn’t something that comes naturally to us. In our world today, we see people increasingly divided and blaming the “other” for all the problems of today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, we see this in our Church; however, here in Holston, we are committed to living differently than the world around us. We are committed to supporting our local churches in their calling to make disciples. We are committed to making room for each other.

The answer to the question “Will there be room for me?” is a strong and confident YES. The leadership of our Annual Conference is fully committed to making sure that you have a place here in Holston. Holston is a family; it is a connection of deeply committed Christ-followers with a single purpose: to see lives transformed by the grace of God. While there are many unknowns about the future, one thing we can be confident in: our mission to make disciples will be our focus now and until Christ’s return. If that’s your mission, too, then there’s room for you here.

As we envision the future of our Annual Conference, we will strive to be like the one who gave the stable: offering a simple structure with room for many, where we can welcome Christ in our midst and all who seek to worship and love him.

Grace and Peace,

The Invitation Team


Tim Jones

Tim is the Director of Communications at the Holston Conference of The United Methodist Church, where he leads a diverse team of communicators. He oversees audio, graphic design, video and written content that helps the local churches of Holston stay...