Money Matters: re-Connecting the Connection

Money Matters: re-Connecting the Connection

Money matters.  More specifically, what we do with our money matters. As I have had the opportunity to serve on Holston Conference Council on Finance and Administration for the past few years, and now serving as Chair, it has become apparent that we should attempt to better communicate how the money sent by local churches as their tithe has been used in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. While the dollar amount is important and the budget numbers are broken down to reflect dollars for various ministries, numbers are just that. The budget approved at annual conference for 2022 is $8,742,252, which is the same amount budgeted for 2021 and reflects a decrease in the budget approved for 2020 of $358,457. This is not because the need has gone away rather the amount of tithe collected has decreased over the past five years.

Ministry needs, however, has not decreased. Rather, there is more need than dollars to fund those needs. It is not just our conference which is struggling with this issue. Many of our local churches are struggling as well.  Money matters. What we do with our money matters. Therefore, it is important to note that we are a connectional system, and one way our connection serves us is by allowing us to combine our resources for ministries beyond our local churches and communities. And, as we support these ministries we often see the fruits within our local congregations and communities.

Over the next several weeks, stories will be told. In these stories, these witnesses from folks within our local churches will help us see beyond the dollars to how lives, congregations, and communities are being transformed through the connectional budget of Holston Conference.

Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting the ministries of Holston and beyond.  Money matters and so does our connection.

Grace and peace,

Carolyn L. Kidd, President
Holston Conference Council of Finance and Administration


Carolyn Kidd

Chair of the Holston Conference Council on Finance and Administration