Response to Tyre Nichols death: 'Without justice, there is no love'

Response to Tyre Nichols death: 'Without justice, there is no love'

The Outreach/ Advocacy Team of Holston Conference met on February 2, and we believe it to be of utmost importance that we add our voice of lament (even these weeks later) as we collectively and individually mourn the senseless death of Tyre Nichols. We lament the death of another unarmed Black citizen losing his life as a result of needless police brutality. We mourn as yet another mother hears the recorded voice of her son calling out for her in desperation. We are grieved by the statistics showing a disproportionate number of Black and Brown men and women who die in similar encounters. 
As the Holston Conference group charged with education, service, and action as it relates to justice ministries, we decry injustice when it is found in our streets or in our institutions or in our governments or in our relationships or in our church. We embrace the suggestion of Dr. Otis Moss, III, among other social justice voices, who say we must marry love and justice. Without love there is no justice. Without justice there is no love.
Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas in her book, “Resurrection Hope: A Future Where Black Lives Matter” (page 101), writes: “Inasmuch as faith is about partnering with God to mend an unjust earth and move us to a more just future ... where all people will be treated as sacred beings, free from dehumanizing fetters … faith leaders must help the nation hear that call.” We would suggest that each faith community must hear that call and exemplify that vision.
As we pray for comfort, healing, and hope, may we act in partnership with God until love and justice prevail.
Holston Conference Outreach/Advocacy Team

Rev. Brenda Carroll, chair
Patricia Bellingrath
Jan Berry
Rev. Sharon Bowers
Rev. Brian Burch
Rev. Leah Burns
Rev. Barbara Clark
Linda Clark
Carolyn Haerr
Bobbie Hodges
Rev. Dennis Loy
Donna Mosby
Rev. Steve Patterson
Rev. Ann Robins
Rev. Mike Suder


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Brenda Carroll

The Rev. Brenda Carroll is chair of the Holston Conference Outreach/ Advocacy Team and a former United Methodist district superintendent, now retired and living in Knoxville, Tennessee.