Favorite Potato Salad

Favorite Potato Salad

From The Call to Cook, the food and faith blog from Holston Conference Communications.

What do you like in your potato salad? Eggs? Pickles? Mayo? Mustard?

What sort of potatoes do you use? Russets? Redskin? Yukon gold?

We invited our blog readers to tell us about their favorite potato salad. We got lots of tips and two recipes:

From Kathy Kilday Gillenwaters: My mother, Genie Vance Kilday, taught me how to make the very best potato salad – courtesy of Jane Irwin: potatoes, cucumber, onion, dill pickles, maybe some chopped boiled eggs mayonnaise (Hellman’s only), salt, pepper, dill weed, and (the secret ingredient), dill pickle juice. All of the above are in quantities of “until it looks right” or “until it tastes right.” I haven’t made it in a very long time, but when I do, it’s a special treat.

From Douglas Moore: 5 lbs. cooked and peeled Idaho russets; 1/2 inch chunks; 8 hard-boiled eggs, mashed and mixed; 3 diced kosher dills; 2 diced Vidalia onions; just enough Hellman’s or Kraft mayonnaise to coat the ingredients.

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