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How long will Holston Conference last?

One of the major questions we all ask as we age is, "How long do I have yet to go in life?" This is the same question asked by every organization as well. For Holston Conference, we have a very long history right now. We are 199 years old. It has ...

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Good advice? 22 sayings from dads in Holston

On Father's Day, we asked our followers on Facebook to share a "piece of good advice that your dad gave you." The answers were so good, we had to round up a list for fun reading on! Here ya' go.   Deal with the situation at hand, then ...

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Holston prays for God's direction

Download the prayer. In April 2023, the Rev. Susan Arnold, Holston director of congregational development, shared the following "Breakthrough Prayer" in advance of a "weekend of prayer" in Holston Conference. Church members committed to praying ...

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Jubilation for older adults coming April 24-26

Looking at life through the eyes of age sets us apart from those around us. To open wider the eyes of your heart, you are invited to a time of perspective and renewal at Jubilation on April 24-26, 2023. The Bible is one of those familiar things that ...