Holston Camp & Retreat Ministries Celebrate Ruby Brown

Holston Camp & Retreat Ministries Celebrate Ruby Brown

On November 1, 1986, the Holston Conference hired Ruby Brown as its first full-time Administrative Director for the conference camps. In 2021 we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of Ruby Brown serving as Administrative Director! Ruby has aided in transitions of adding camps, closing camps, registering tens of thousands of campers among countless other things needed to make camp happen. She was instrumental in helping move our camps online and creating a registration database that works for our Holston Camping needs. If you have attended a Holston camp as a camper, staff person, or retreat guest, your name and information have been carefully managed behind the scenes by Ruby Brown in the Holston Camping Office.

It seems no coincidence that Ruby began working on All Saints Day. She has been a saint to Holston Conference and our Camping Ministry since the day she began. Ruby’s sister, Carolyn Fairbanks, says, “Ruby always conducts herself in a professional manner and treats everyone with courtesy and respect.   The job has been and continues to be a joy for her, and she has delighted in working with so many terrific individuals.  Ruby has greatly contributed to the success of the Camping Ministries for Holston Conference through her knowledge of the job, her dedication, professionalism, meticulous record keeping, and care and compassion for all people.” Ruby, undoubtedly, is one of the saints that is responsible for the great ministry God is able to do at Holston Conference Camps.

On Monday, October 18th friends and family of Ruby Brown gathered at the Holston Conference Office for a surprise celebration of Ruby. Ruby was recognized for her 35 years of service by Bishop Wallace Padgett and other conference staff. Former Director of Connectional Ministries, Anne Travis, says, “Ruby set the bar of excellence with her work. It was a joy to do her personnel review each year. Although, it was difficult to find any new areas of improvement to note for her!”

Rev. Randy Pasqua served as Holston Camp & Retreat Executive Director for 22 years and worked his entire tenure with Ruby as his Administrative Director. Randy says that Ruby’s attention to detail and accuracy was evident in everything she does. Former camp directors, John and Lou Maynard, sent a video to Ruby by way of their son, Rev. Charles Maynard. In the recording the Maynards share that they enjoyed all the time that they got to work with Ruby. They say they are very proud of her and the 35 years she has worked.

Rev. Doug Fairbanks says, “For 35 years, Ruby Brown, my sister-in-law, has served as the Administrative Director for Holston Conference Camping Ministries. She has done so with love, commitment, long hours and administrative gifts that are second to none. We all know that lives are changed for Christ because of camping ministries. So, may we be eternally grateful to Ruby for answering her call to ministry by using her spiritual gift of administrative assistance, as this special gift has greatly helped the leaders and staff of our camping ministries to be so very effective these past 35 years. Thanks be to God in Christ for servants like Ruby Brown!” We hope you join us in celebrating Ruby and the ministry she has accomplished so far in the Holston Conference. We love and appreciate you, Ruby!


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Mary Thompson

The Rev. Mary Thompson is executive director of Holston Conference Camp and Retreat Ministries. The camps include Camp Bays Moutain (Kingsport, Tenn.), Camp Dickenson (Fries, Va.), Camp Lookout (Rising Fawn, Ga.), and Camp Wesley Woods (Townsend, ...