New Year's goal: Journey through the Bible with friends

New Year's goal: Journey through the Bible with friends

Holston Conference is joining with the North Alabama Conference to “Read Together” the entire Bible throughout the 2022 year. The initiative begins January 2.

Earlier this month, Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett sent an email message inviting all Holston Conference members to join in the journey. “I have discovered firsthand how formative it is for an individual to read the Bible cover-to-cover each year,” she said. “This will be multiplied many times more as we embark upon 'Read Together' as a Holston community.”

“It is our hope and prayer individuals and congregations across the annual conference will be reading the Bible together and be transformed into kainos new in Christ,” said the Rev. Susan Groseclose, associate director of connectional members for discipleship.

Each day of the week will include chapters from different writing genres in scripture:
  • Sunday – Gospel
  • Monday – Law
  • Tuesday – History
  • Wednesday – Psalms
  • Thursday – Poetry
  • Friday – Prophets
  • Saturday – Epistles
The entire 2022 Reading Plan is available for download. Beginning January 2, all subscribers to the "Daily Devotional" email list will receive a daily email with all of the day’s readings attached. The readings will be based on the Common English Bible (CEB). The existing Daily Devotional webpage will transition to become the Read Together page.

A calendar has been created for participants to use for daily thoughts or notes. Bi-monthly Bible bookmarks are also available with each day’s readings. These bookmarks can be printed on card stock paper and made available to your congregation.

Participants are invited to share thoughts, insights and discussion from the day’s readings at the Holston Conference Connectional Ministries Facebook page at

Holston Conference is also collaborating with the North Alabama Annual Conference to provide a weekly podcast featuring meditations by clergy and lay members of both conferences as they reflect on the readings for each week. Bishop Wallace-Padgett will be featured in the podcast during the first week (January 2). Participants who wish to join in future podcasts should contact Susan Groseclose at

If you are not already a subscriber to the "Daily Devotionals" and would like to receive the daily "Read Together" email, subscribe here.

“I am looking forward to joining each of you in our 'Read Together' initiative,” said Groseclose. “I am excited to see what God is going to do across our connection as we intentionally spend time reading the Bible together.”