'Unleashing Generosity' lessons available in recorded sessions

'Unleashing Generosity' lessons available in recorded sessions

Rev. Richard Hayes, associate professor of management and entrepreneurship at Hofstra University, speaks on Sept. 12. Photo by Annette Spence

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- More than 200 clergy and lay members participated in the "Unleashing Generosity" conference held Sept. 12-13 at Concord United Methodist Church. The educational gathering was hosted by the Holston Foundation, Wesley Leadership Institute, and Holston Conference Stewardship Team. 

Speakers included Roz and Callie Picardo, Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett, Rev. Charles Maynard, Rev. Richard Hayes, and Samantha Lane. 
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Here are recorded sessions of the two-day conference.

Session 1: Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett, Sept. 12 morning | Address

Session 2: Rosario & Callie Picardo, Sept. 12 afternoon | Know Your Why

Session 3: Richard Hayes, Sept. 12 afternoon | There Was Not a Needy Person Among Them

Session 4: Samantha Lane, Sept. 12 afternoon | Time Management Tips for Balance

Session 5: Charles Maynard, Sept. 13 morning | What Every Non-Profit and University Development Office Hopes You Don't Know

Session 6: Rosario & Callie Picardo, Sept. 13 morning | Leading a Generous Church



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