Youth and Workcamp Programs

Youth and Workcamp Programs

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Hi, Y’all – My name is Monte Emerson and I am the new Outreach/Youth Coordinator for the Jubilee Project in Sneedville!  I am looking forward to what God has planned for me and this organization to continue to serve God and those in need in Hancock County.  My wife and I live in Rogersville, TN, with my 97-year-old mother, a Great Pyrenes dog, and a cat that thinks he is a dog.  I have been a Methodist since birth, Starting in Memphis, TN.   I have lived in Tennessee most of my life, minus a few stops and 14 years in Florida.  We have two grown sons– with 4 beautiful grandchildren.  I have played Jonah in most of my dealings with God until I finally got the message.  This position is an answer to a fervent prayer and fasting.  I am excited about this next page of my life’s story. 



Home repair Ministries

This week 11 students and faculty from Virginia Commonwealth University arrived for a spring break work trip. It’s been so much fun to watch as the students experience a very different culture than they’re used to and interact with the homeowner. They’re discovering that “people are people” everywhere and that we’re more alike than different. We all have challenges and want to have hope in the midst of them and that hope arises out of relationship.

      So often those on the fringes feel isolated and alone in their struggles, especially in a very rural area where they literally are hidden from view. A sense of value and hope arises when someone really “sees” them; when they see what’s going on in their lives and care about it.

    This week the team is working on a home that has not had running water for 3 years, simply because a pipe to the house broke.  For the majority of us, that would not seem insurmountable and we wouldn’t put up with no water for 3 years. But for those living in poverty, obstacles like that can become walls, because they just simply don’t have the resources.

    Last year one team worked on a home where a young adult had planned to go to college, but had backed out.  Why?  While having a conversation, they discovered that the family didn’t have the required $100 registration fee.  They paid it for them and now that young person is enrolled.  Another obstacle that had become wall, but the wall was knocked down because of hope found in a relationship.

    That’s why relationship building is an important goal of the ministry here at Jubilee.  Even if we don’t have solutions to all of the challenges they face, people live with a sense of hope when they feel “seen” and know that we care and will do what we can to help. 

     I invite to you come alongside us in the ministry of relationship building by volunteering, by praying for us as a staff and those we serve or by contributing to our general fund that makes it possible for us to have the staff that builds those relationships and shares the witness of faith in God who “makes all things possible.”

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